Monday, December 17, 2012

Known by Him

On my knees
I cry out for
I am broken.
But I hold onto
the hope that is
within me.
We all have days
like these.
Sometimes I feel
so fragile.
And sometimes
I cry for hours
and hours.
But I know that
my God loves me.
He sees me as
I am.
He sees me when
I am broken.
He sees me when
I am feeling empty.
He knows when I
am afraid.
He sees and knows
what my weaknesses
And in those moments
He wraps His loving arms
around me and He holds me.
He whispers in my ears what
His promises are.
He is my strength when I need
Him most.
In my prayer time I will diligently
seek his way.
Even in difficult moments.

Your Beautiful to Me

Lord thanks for opening up my heart.
So that I can see just how you do love me.
Lord thank you for opening up my mind.
So that I can hear from you.
Lord thank you for the trials you send me.
So that I can learn to find joy in you Lord.
Fill me with your joy.
Refresh me with your Holy Spirit.
That I could be used for your glory.
Lord you are beautiful to me.
Lord I thank you for making me yours.
So that I can see you.
Lord I thank you for healing my scars
and for filling up every empty void I have
Lord thank you for filling me with your
Your peace fills me with gladness.
Lord you have opened up my eyes.
Nothing else matters.
It is your word that I am rescued by.
Lord your love and your word is so
beautiful to me.
I will hold onto you

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Believe

To be yourself and not someone else.
I believe in you.
To laugh.
To love.
To cry.
To try.
To care as others do.
Believe in yourself.
Believe in God.
Make friends.
Be happy.
Work hard.
Is what I really believe in.